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Fascia is a sensory organ, research confirms that the presence of proprioceptive and nociceptive (pain) nerve endings in fascial tissue.

Proprioceptive refinement should be included in all fascia-orientated training protocols (Schleip 2018).

Understanding proprioception- sense of body parts position in space (including sense of balance) is arguably our 6thsense. We should be training our minds to understand the messages it is being constantly sent by our fascial system via sensory receptors and sensory nerves.

Fascia and Mental health: About Us


Interoception is the perception of internal sensations such as heartbeat, breathing etc. stimulating our perceptive abilities, which are individual and unique to each of us, will help us deal with changes to the world around us and within us.
Research has indicated that a disruption to this ability can be the cause of distortion in how we see ourselves. Keeping our fascial system healthy is important to our mental health.

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The practice of meditation helps to focus and calm our minds. Learning movements to improve our proprioceptive refinement also helps focus and meditation.

Mental health is important and we should not exclude this from our daily exercise or movement. Meditation is easy and available to everyone. Please do not ignore it, ask for help, there are many professionals in dealing with mental health issues, please seek one out if you have any concerns.

Fascia and Mental health: About Us
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