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Pilates is a whole-body movement method created by Joseph Pilates in the early 20thcentury. Pilates studios typically teach using the Pilates machines. Mat-based Pilates is taught in gyms, leisure centres and church halls around the country. Using Fascial anatomy and fascia fitness knowledge, this successful and proven exercise method is enhanced.
For more information on Pilates studio classes, taught with fascia fitness principals go to
To find out more about fascial anatomy and fascia fitness go to events/courses

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Yoga is so much more than a stretch class, like the other mind-body movement practices it necessitates a whole-body approach and understanding the fascial system is an important addon to any yoga teacher’s training.
If you want to know more about fascial anatomy or fascia fitness research then go to events/courses for the next course or workshop near you.

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Classes based upon fascia movement principals are available in all forms around the country, you just need to find one. They all involve movement and inner focus. 
Tracey has created 2 classes taught locally in Hassocks:
Fascial release & toning and Movement and meditation

Stretch Yoga Pose
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Women Stretching


To find out more about these classes please contact Tracey through this website.
To find out more about how your movement class can be a fascial movement class go to events/courses to find the next fascial anatomy course or fascia fitness course.

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